Career Stories: Jess Galica, MBA ’16 – Leap: Why It’s Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career

Jess Galica, MBA ’16, recently published new a book titled, Leap: Why It’s Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career. This book shares the stories of high-performing women who have redefined their career trajectories and explores why so many women, despite achieving success, wake up feeling “lost” mid-career. The book also features strategies and tactics that women can adopt to build a trajectory that redefines success on their own terms.

In the video below, Jess talks about her book and shares some insights and tips that are immediately applicable for women to reclaim control of their career trajectories.

Learn more about the book here!

About Jess:

Jessica Galica has built an accomplished business career spanning almost every kind of corporate work environment, including management consulting at the prestigious Bain & Company and work at industry giants like Apple, Siemens, and various start-ups.

In 2020 she began researching and writing about women’s experiences in the workplace. Jess’s career shift was driven by her transformative journey stepping into motherhood. When she had her first child, she craved a more authentic and purposeful career. Through initial research, she quickly discovered that her story—building a stellar career, doing everything “right,” but waking up lost—is not unique.

Today, drawing from her personal story and armed with insights from studying the career trajectories of more than 150 highly successful women, Jess has emerged as a leading authority on women’s career reinvention. As a business leader, an executive coach for high-performing women, and a charismatic corporate speaker and podcast host, she engages with experts and professional women on topics such as how to build meaningful careers, advocate for workplace equity, and navigate the delicate balance between motherhood and professional ambitions. Jess holds an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where she received double scholarships, and a BA from Georgetown University. Importantly, Jess treasures her role as a present mom to her two young children.

By MIT Sloan CDO