MFin Career Question of the Week: How do I make the most of the winter break?

How do I make the most of the winter break?

On Tuesday we got together for a fun and delicious holiday lunch, enjoyed time together, and spent a few minutes discussing how to make the most of your winter break. If you missed the event, we encourage you to review the slides. Below are the major takeaways from the session (using an easy-to-remember “R” theme):

  • #1 Recommendation: RELAX, REST, and RECHARGE! Take the time you need to return refreshed and reenergized for the spring term.
  • REFLECT on your recruiting efforts thus far.
  • RESEARCH roles and companies and REBUILD your target list. Have your career interests or location targets shifted, or have you learned about new companies during your fall process that you hadn’t considered before?
  • REVIEW your strategy overall, work with your career advisor to troubleshoot areas that may need an adjustment, and put a plan in place for spring recruiting.
  • REVITALIZE networking efforts. RECONNECT with old and new contacts.
  • REVISE recruiting materials (resume, LinkedIn, Career Central profile).
  • RESOURCE reminder – Your CDO and Canvas.
  • REACH OUT for career support! We are available in January for advising and look forward to helping you get ready for spring.

We also ask that you share your successes with us! Please complete the employment survey – we greatly appreciate your engagement with this!

Feb ’24, May’24 and Feb’25 Employment Survey

Slides from the session (with the above takeaways presented with more details) can be found on the main MFin page on Your CDO.

By MIT Sloan CDO