MBA Q&A Spotlight: It feels like everyone around me is interviewing or has received an internship offer. Am I behind?

Sloanies who are targeting the dirt road and jungle opportunities that recruit later in the spring often wonder at this point in the year if they are behind. Historically, our data shows that 50% of MBA internship offers at MIT Sloan are received between March and June, and we anticipate in a more just-in-time market this year that interviews will pick up in the later spring.

Remember, what you can control is your market readiness. Focus on that preparation so that when opportunities arise, you are in a strong position.

Also, note that the timing of internship offers varies by industry. You can see the timeline of internship acceptances by month for a particular industry here on the MBA Industry Hiring Trends page.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that everyone’s search is unique. For more on this and how to stay focused on your own search, check out this blog post from a fellow Sloanie: How to Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Lane and Not Be Distracted by Classmates’ Job/Internship Search Success.

By MIT Sloan CDO