MBA Q&A Spotlight: I am pursuing a Dirt Road/Jungle search, but I feel stuck. What advice do you have?

I am pursuing a Dirt Road/Jungle search, but I feel stuck. What advice do you have?

Looking for a job via the Dirt Road or Jungle pathways can be a challenging process and it’s easy to feel like you are not making clear progress. If you are feeling stuck and are unsure what to do next:

Reflect on why you are feeling stuck: Are you unclear on the type of role you want to pursue? Are you struggling to make meaningful connections in networking that lead to opportunities? Are you interviewing but not landing the role? Take some time to reflect on what stage in the process you are getting stuck on. Use the Market Readiness Scorecard as a guide to identify some places where you might benefit from more support and feedback. Check out this article on 6 reasons you might be getting stuck in your job search for additional tips.

Join a Job Search Accountability Group (JSAG): Sometimes, when you’re stuck, the best thing to do is to talk it through with others. Sign up for a JSAG, a student-driven accountability group, led by an MBA Career Advisor, to connect with your peers on a regular basis, provide structure to your efforts, and maintain momentum around your job search. Learn more and register here.

Meet with an MBA Career Advisor: Regular 1:1 meetings with a Career Advisor can help provide structure to your search. The MBA Career Advising team is here to be a sounding board, provide perspective, assist in diagnosing where you are getting stuck, strategize on your networking approach, and more. Book an in-person or virtual appointment in-person or virtual appointment on Career Central.

Lastly, remember that a job search is a marathon, not a sprint. Take care of yourself, celebrate small wins, and remember to stay focused on your own search goals and milestones.  For additional insights, check out this Core Fellow blog post: Core Fellow: Dear Sloanie, you’re going to be ok.

By MIT Sloan CDO