The Truth about Career Change

Let’s be honest: Career change is hard.

While you may desperately want to become a web developer, data scientist, or digital marketer, the recruiters for those roles want you to stay put.


Because sad to say, your attempt to apply for those jobs makes their lives harder. After all, if you were a recruiter who’s been told to find five great web developers, would you want to waste your time on a candidate who’s never been a web developer before?

Heck, no.

You’d do what recruiters throughout the world have always done: Pick the obvious candidates. The ones who’ve done this job a million times before. The ones who can code in their sleep.

Because no recruiter has ever been fired for bringing in an obvious candidate.

So that’s what you’re up against as a career-changer – a professional blockade designed to keep you out. And that’s why career change is hard – really, really hard.

The Solution to the Recruiter Blockade

OK, so what’s a would-be career-changer to do?

Well, with any blockade, there’s always the attempt to go right through it. “Maybe if I work really hard on my resume…,” you think. “Or maybe I can become best buddies with the recruiter?”

Nope. Don’t think the recruiters haven’t thought of those things. That’s why they’ve trained themselves to screen out non-experienced resumes in five seconds flat. That’s why your email to the recruiter always ends up like a sad, unrequited love letter.

Which means that, if you can’t go right through the recruiter blockade, you’re going to have to go around it. Luckily, you happen to be reading the ultimate guide to doing just that…

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By MIT Sloan CDO