Career Stories/Successes Nomination Form

Do you know a Sloanie who has an interesting career story or has achieved a recent career success? Nominate them to share their story/success with us and be featured on Your CDO and/or CDO’s social media accounts! Self-nominations are also welcomed and encouraged.

Get started:

  1. Nominate a Sloanie (or yourself) by completing this short form.
  2. The CDO team will then get in touch and inquire if they would like to share their story/success with us.
  3. We will feature their story/success to share valuable knowledge/tips that will then help other Sloanies in their career journeys.

Stories can be shared in the form of a written article, video interview, or quick shout-out.

View past Career Stories and Career Successes here.

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Career Stories/Successes Nomination Form

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