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Bio / Pharma / Healthcare

Frontier Medicines launches with $67M and biotech veteran Varma as CEO

He’s founded and led a handful of biotechs and put in time at multiple venture capital firms. Chris Varma’s latest project? Drugging the undruggable to bring forth treatments against “debilitating diseases, starting with cancer.”

Varma leads Frontier Medicines, which launched

By MIT Sloan CDO
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Cramer: Jamie Dimon should bring Apple into his joint health venture with Bezos and Buffett

PUBLISHED WED, JAN 9 2019 • 10:09 AM EST  UPDATED WED, JAN 9 2019 • 10:35 AM EST

By Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

If Apple wants to reshape health care, it should get involved with the joint venture created by Jamie DimonJeff Bezos, …

By Henry Hannon
Henry Hannon Assistant Director, Data Analyst
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