The CliftonStrengths assessment helps you discover your talents and the work you do best, providing a valuable framework for describing …


News feeds from Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.  Company information; stock price activity; industry snapshots.

Exponent: Tech Interview Prep Course
In partnership with the Career Development Office, Exponent is offering their tech interview prep online courses 80% off to all …
Wall Street Prep Student Passport

An online course library the provides technical interview preparation and teaches financial skills to use on the job every day.

Reference …

Management Consulted

Break into consulting via interview prep, resume help, networking tips, and more.


The CDO and Management Consulting Club have partnered to offer discounted access to RocketBlocks for MIT Sloan students.  The full …


Preqin offers comprehensive global research on the investment industry. Our subscription includes Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Natural Resources, and …

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