MFin Career Question of the Week: No Response on Submitted Applications

I’ve submitted applications for a number of different jobs but haven’t heard back at all about interest in my applications or next steps. What should I do?
It’s not uncommon to feel discouraged or frustrated when companies are slow to respond to your initial application or are delayed in getting back to you regarding next steps after a round of interviews. In both of these scenarios, we cannot stress enough the importance of networking and direct outreach.

When applying for roles, try to connect with someone at the company (e.g. an MFin alum or a friend of a friend) to learn more about the role and firm and also to begin to share a bit about what you’ll bring to the role. Check out the Contacts/Directories links under Career Resources on Your CDO, and revisit the Networking Strategies webinar on Canvas. After interviewing with a company, if you have not heard back regarding next steps after two weeks, email the HR contact to reiterate your interest in the role and check on the status of your candidacy.

Keep in mind that due to COVID-19 and the U.S. election season, some employers have elongated their hiring processes and may be slower in making decisions. Don’t hesitate to schedule a 1:1 advising appointment in Career Central so we can provide guidance and next steps specific to your situation and help you feel more in control.

Remember these questions, and more, are found in the MFin Career FAQs available to you at anytime.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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