MFin Career Question of the Week: What is the value of a Career Central profile?

What is the value of a Career Central profile?

Having a completed Career Central profile is key to optimizing your job search experience within the system. Employers can do targeted searches based on your areas of interest, work experience, or other preferences indicated in your profile. Note that while employers can search on your profile selections, they cannot see your full profile nor individual profile selections.

  :good_to_know: We recently sent an email with important information from UBS about a summer internship application. Since the information was relevant only to those interested in Investment Banking careers and seeking internships, this email was sent only to those students who had indicated those preferences in their Career Central profile.

Throughout the MFin Program, you can modify your profile at any point, and we encourage you to keep it as accurate as possible, especially the sections of your preferred industry and job function.

Click here for instructions on updating your Career Central profile.

By MIT Sloan CDO